Library/Conservation Video Sources

Steve Cassel -SLO (
Wed, 24 Jan 1996 09:29:16 -0500 (EST)

I am Steven Cassel, the Media Consultant at the State Library
of Ohio (SLO). Clara Ireland, the SLO Conservation Consultant,
has asked me to try to purchase a copy of the videos used at the
June 25, 1995 -- Preservation Film Festival, sponsored by ALCTS
Preservation and Reformatting Section Education Committee. I am
tring to locate the sources for the videos used in that program.
I would appreciate it if I could receive a list of sources, so
that I would be able to order these titles for SLO. SLO does
not have any sources or other catalogs with these titles, in
VHS format.
The video titles are:

_Inside Track to Disaster Recovery_ (14 Min.)
_Handle With Care_ (4 Min.)
_School Citizenship Series: Use & Care of Books_ (13 Min.)
_Paperworks: Stabilizing Archival Collections_
_Basic Book Repair & Other Materials: Simple Techniques_

Some of the other titles that were used at the ALCTS
Preservation Film Festival, SLO has in a audiocassette/slide
set format. SLO would also be interested in getting a source
for these titles in VHS format. These other titles include:
_Basic Preservation Series_
_Handling Books in General Collections_
_Materials At Risk: the Preservation Challenge_

Thank you for your assistance, in helping me to locate sources
for these video titles.

Steven L. Cassel
State Library of Ohio
65 S. Front St., Room 502
Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 644-9958
FAX (614) 466-3584