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Lou Graham, Dir. of Media Services (GRAHAM@ACC.ROANOKE.EDU)
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On 1/23, David Gilbert from Wellesley asked...

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>One of the things I find really petty and annoying is the tendancy of small
>and some large video distributors to charge for shipping. When you pay
>upwards of $200 for a video cassette, you are then slapped with a per title
>shipping charge of $7 or more. It seems to me that this is a normal cost of
>doing business and one the vendor should absorb or build into their overhead.

>Has anyone balked at this to a vendor and won? With what vendors have you
>been successful? When I speak to vendors from now on I will start to make
>the cost of shipping an issue.

>Thoughts on this?


>David Gilbert - Music Librarian - Wellesley College -

I have had mixed success with various vendors on the subject of shipping
charges. At one of the Film Market presentations I attended in '93, I
heard a recommendation to take a hard line w/ any vendor who insists on
the purchaser paying shipping - basically, if the vendor doesn't pay
shipping (especially on a high priced item or order), don't buy it.
This has worked with some, others lower their cost to $2-3/tape or a not
to exceed price.

Just experiment and see what works. I agree that after paying > $200.00
for an item, the vendor should pick up the charges.

The same holds true for stated sale prices - I hardly ever pay the
listed price without some negotiating. Some vendors (like Films for the
Humanities) will not budge on their prices but will offer "free"
materials or equipment after a budget cycle. Others are more flexible.
Ambrose Video has also been flexible, on both sale price and shipping
costs. PBS nearly always offers a sale discount. First Run is flexible
on sale prices but usually sticks to shipping costs.

One idea you might try is to arrange for a preview period. The
distributor usually picks up the shipping to you and if you decide to
keep the preview copy (assuming it's new), you don't pay any shipping

Good luck haggling,

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