Lloyd Jansen: Kinks Fan (JANSEL02@STOCKTON.LIB.CA.US)
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 9:11:50 -0800 (PST)

I'm relatively new to this listserv, but have been impressed by the
percentage of hard-to-find titles that are tracked down by fellow
subscribers. I hope my request will meet with the same success.
I'm looking for a children's video entitled "Dream Big: The Over-
the-Rhine Steel Drum Band." It was reviewed in the August 1995
School Library Journal which gives its date as 1994 and says it
was produced by a company called TV Image apparently based in
Cincinnati. All attempts to contact this company have led to
deadends. We checked Baker & Taylor and Ingram with no luck,
and Prof. Media Service says we need to go direct. Has anyone
out there been successful in getting this video or know where
I might try next? Thanks!

Lloyd Jansen
Cataloging Librarian "Celluloid heroes never feel
Stockton-San Joaquin County any pain, and celluloid
(California) Public Library heroes never really die"
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