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Milos Stehlik (
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 07:55:58 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 21 Jan 1996, MARYG -- OWATONNA wrote: [condensed] I can't tell you
> how many times I've purchsed videos from B&T, only to find them discounted
> even lower at - you guessed it - Wally World..... The point is, we don't
and can't compete with the video > stores, or even the retail stores! So our patrons have to wait a little while
> before they can check out certain titles - that's the real world. If you
> want it FAST - and sometimes cheaper - check out your local discount stores.
> MaryGontarek
> Owatonna Public Library
> Owatonna, Minnesota
Frankly, what I find disturbing about this conversation is an assumption
that you would WANT to compete with the video retail stores. What the
video retail stores DO (mass market video for mass consumption) they do
very well. What librarians, particularly public librarians, can do that
video retail stores will not and cannot do (because of economic pressure)
is to tap into the thousands and thousands of independent, classic,
foreign, documentary, silent, experimental, animation tapes and laser
discs which exist out there and which frankly I'm often appalled that
many public libraries will never touch. The opportunities are so
enormous, the resources for reaching them so great, why aren't more
public librarians picking up on them? Many of these tapes are at sell
through prices for under $30!

Milos Stehlik
Facets Video