PCC Core Bib. Record for AV comments/forum

Eric R. Childress (childres@numen.elon.edu)
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 11:33:31 -0500 (EST)


Just a reminder that the Program for Cooperative Cataloging
Core Bibliographic Record for Audiovisual Materials Task Group
(PCC CBR-AV Task Group) is still soliciting comments on the
draft PCC AV standards we distributed in December, 1995. Two
standards, one for moving image materials, and one for graphic materials,
were distributed in draft form in mid-December along with surveys.

The PCC CBR-AV Task Group is grateful to those who have responded
to our request for feedback on the draft standards, but would like to
additional comments/surveys returned. The PCC core-level record standards
for books, sound recordings, and printed & manuscript music are already
seeing use. The AV core standards will potentially have significant
impact on the quality of AV cataloging records available on the bibliographic
networks. Feedback on the draft standards is essential if useful core
standards are to emerge.

Given the holiday season and the blizzard of 1996, the PCC
CBR-AV Task Group will extend its comments deadline from January
16, 1996 to a new deadline of Wed., January 31, 1996. We encourage
any institution or individual who wishes to comment on the drafts
to do so.

If you require a copy of the proposed drafts & surveys,
please send a request to:


Please specify whether you wish to receive a copy of the
moving image materials draft standard & survey (PCC CBR-MI), or graphic
materials draft standard & survey (PCC CBR-GR), or both.

An open forum on the draft AV core standards will be held
at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Antonio.

PCC CBR-AV Task Group Open Forum
Friday, January 19, 1996, 4:00--5:30 p.m.
Sheraton Gunter: Quadrangle Rm.

Eric Childress
Chair, PCC CBR-AV Task Group

Eric Childress Elon College Library
Special Materials Cataloger P.O. Box 187
childres@numen.elon.edu Elon College, NC 27244
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