video ILL available

Thu, 11 Jan 1996 15:16:18 -0600 (CST)

Subj: Kansas City (Missouri) Public Library LOAN OF VIDEOS TO OTHER LIBRARIES

In an attempt to foster more sharing of resources, the Kansas City (Missouri)
Public Library has started to loan selective videos to other libraries.
There is a minimal fee ($2.00) as we charge our customers.
KCPL will continue its service of loan of books, audiocassettes, CD's, records,
and puppets at no charge.

Scope of Loan:
*Documentary, arts, how-to's, "public performance," and children's videos that
are "on-shelf."
*NOT TO INCLUDE feature films, descriptive videos, "material booking" titles,
nor any titles in circulation (we will not reserve).

Charge : KCPL must charge ILL customers because KCPL charges its customers.
*$2.00 charge per item for 1 week use. That is, the Library is to have
possession of the video for 1 week.
*Multi-part series or sets that can be individually borrowed will each be a
separate charge.
*Any renewal will be at an additional $2.00 charge per video.
*There will be no charge for videos clearly marked "FREE CHECKOUT" on package.
*Payment may be made by IFM (on OCLC), KCMLIN coupon, postage stamps, or check
payable to "Kansas City Public Library."

*Videos sent via UPS must be returned by UPS.
*Please encourage prompt return to promote continuation of service.

Methods of requesting: (PLEASE - no telephone calls, PLEASE)
*OCLC request form to KCP (need to check payment authorization on request; if
none, conditional response is sent to verify payment)
*fax request (816-842-6839)
*E-Mail via KACEY to: Document