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Mon, 8 Jan 1996 11:46:38 -0500

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>Videogo's message about Pride and Prejudice is nothing but blantant
>which I feel is very inappropriate for this listserve. Not only do they tell
>they have and how much it is, we also get prebooking information. I have
>bothered by messages sent to this list from this company before...

To all my fellow participants on this list...

My sincerest apologies to Joel any any other librarian who feels "bothered"
by my informational responses on this list. I have participated for close to
a year on this list, offering literally hundreds of informational responses
to your posted requests. Why? Because I have the information available and
am more than happy to help and contribute to the success of our industry (in
this case A&E)... not because it leads to any sale.

For the handful of subscribers on this list who do order from Vide-O-Go, they
know me as a very professional and informative source of information and

For the hundreds of others on this list who have received information from me
in response to their queries, they know me as a very professional and helpful
source of information who WILL NOT and DOES NOT abuse this list in any manner
whatsoever for the sake of an order.

If a librarian needs help with title information, and I know who produces the
title, at what price, its street date, its prebook date, the address or phone
number of the manufactuere, etc., etc., etc., I will gladly share that
information since that is indeed the purpose of this list. The choice of
vendor is all yours. I remain here to assist you at all times.

As always, I wish you continued success...

Dean W. Stevens, ceo
Vide-O-Go, Inc. / That's Infotainment! Multimedia Learning Center
Post Office Box 2994
Princeton, NJ 08543-2994