Commercial Advertising Part 2

Steve Bliss (
Sun, 07 Jan 1996 21:46:46 -0600

As a "test," if you will, of my previous comments on this subject, I submit
the following video release announcement:

Public Media Home Video is pleased to announce the re-release of these
outstanding video programs at special reduced prices for African-American
Heritage Month in February:

A Voyage of Discovery with Basil Davidson
8 programs on 4 videocassettes

Vol. 1: Different but Equal
Vol. 2: Mastering a Continent
Vol. 3: Caravans of Gold
Vol. 4: Kings and Cities
Vol. 5: The Bible and The Gun
Vol. 6: This Magnificent African Cake
Vol. 7: The Rise of Nationalism
Vol. 8: The Legacy

A Celebration of African American Music
7 programs on 4 VHS videocassettes

Vol. 1: Born Musicians: Traditional Music from Gambia
Vol. 2: On the Battlefield: Gospel Quartets
Vol. 3: Legends of Rhythm and Blues
Vol. 4: Sit Down and Listen: The Story of Max Roach
Vol. 5: The Drums of Dagbon
Vol. 6: Caribbean Crucible
Vol. 7: Africa Comeback: The Popular Music of West Africa


And the Children Shall Lead
The Mighty Pawns

For more information and an illustrated brochure on these and other video
titles celebrating African-American history and culture, email any of the
addresses listed below or call 1-800-826-3456.

Steve Bliss 800-826-3456 x385
Public Media Home Video 312-878-8406 (fax)
5547 N. Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640