Computer discs and videos (supplies)

Thu, 04 Jan 1996 16:31:33 -0700 (MST)

For years (more than 15) I have relied upon the Polyline Corporation
for a wide range of supplies related to media and media packaging.
>From blank cassettes and empty tape shells (both audio and video) to
labels, jewel cases, insert cards, and repackaging, they carry a full
line. Polyline offers a wide assortment of difficult to find items
(for example, to my knowldege they are the *only* source of pre-cut,
laser printer capable insert cards for full sleeve VHS cases) with
reasonable prices structured to accommodate both large and small orders.

Polyline produces three separate catalogs which they will readily
provide on request: Software/Multimedia Packaging and Mailing Supplies
plus blank media; Audio Recording and Duplicating Supplies; and Video
Packaging and Mailing Supplies plus blank video tape.

They will provide free samples of just about every product in their
catalogs, too.

Contact them at:

Polyline Corp.
1233 Rand Road
Des Plaines, Illinois 60016
Phone: 708.390.6464


PolyWest Corp.
16018 Adelante Street
Unit C
Irwindale, California 91702
Phone: 818.969.8555

For the record, I have no personal stake in this company.


deg farrelly, Media Librarian
Arizona State University West E-Mail:
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