Re: Stumpers

Henry K Mattoon (
Sat, 30 Dec 1995 13:54:55 -0800 (PST)

On your Usenet question: no, there is no specific group I know of
for either Keaton or cliffhanger serials. Best I can suggest is
alt.movies.silent, which includes postings about Keaton. I'd bet there's
probably a website or two devoted to Keaton. There are certainly some
for silent movies, but I haven't heard of one for cliffhangers.


Henry Mattoon
National Moving Image Database
The American Film Institute
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On Thu, 28 Dec 1995, The Picture Palace wrote:

> We have gotten persistent requests for the following item, and though we
> don't usually go to this group for info, we'd appreciate any response: Does
> any US label have the rights yet for "Stalingrad," (identified as a 1993
> German production)? Does anyone know its status?
> Has anyone heard of Usenet groups for either Buster Keaton fans or fans of
> old cliffhanger serials? We haven't been able to locate any, but new ones
> seem to pop up all the time - does anyone know of someone planning to set up
> groups for either of these subjects? (I've talked to the Damfino folks, and
> they seem temporarily out of the running electronically.)
> Thanks to anyone who might offer help, and Happy New Year to everyone on the
> list.
> Steven Kramer