Re: Old English Materials
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 14:15:08 CST

David Macaulay has done several videos on the building of castles,
cathedrals, pyramids and cities. They are a combination of live action
documentary along with a fictional animated story about the building of the
castle, etc. The video "Castle" may be slightly later than the Anglo-Saxon
period in England, but technology didn't progress that rapidly in those days.
These are available through PBS Video and some of the programs have helps,
handouts and study guides to accompany them. These are very excellent programs,
very well done. I believe the video runs about $60.00 and the school kits are
about $150.00. PBS's 800 number is 1-800-344-3337.

Films for the Humanities also has a program called "London: the making
of a city". Part 1 of the set is "Romans, Saxons, Vikings: 43-1066" ($129.00)
It is also an excellent video and is probably closer to the time range you have
in mind. Unfortunately, the price is a little steep. FFH has several programs
that might be interesting so you might give them a call. Their 800 number is
1-800-257-5126. They also have a video on Beowulf ($149.00) in their current
catalog. The blurb reads "This journey into Celtic-British-Anglo-Saxon culture
and the oral epic tradition leads through Caedmon and Bede to a detailed
examination of Beowulf." I've not seen this one but again, though it's pricey,
it's probably very good. I was looking for a video in Old English but didn't
find one. I know I've seen audio tapes and records of Beowulf and Chaucer
read in Old english but I can't put my hands on the catalogs. They're out
there, just keep looking.

I hope this helps some. Have a happy holiday and a safe new year.

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