Old English Materials

Marsha Korobkin (marsha_korobkin@smtpgw.sdcs.k12.ca.us)
21 Dec 1995 09:59:26 -0800

We are putting together teacher materials to supplement the study of Beowulf
in a high school English literature course. Does anyone know of a video that
could give students an idea of what living was like during the Anglo-Saxon
period. We would also prefer that in some way students be able to hear what
old English sounds like. We are looking for a program that is not static like
a remade filmstrip. We do have The Story of English, Part 2: The Mother
Tongue which does some of this, but we would like to have some other options.
thanks in advance.

Marsha Korobkin
Audiovisual Services Coordinator
San Diego City Schools
email: Marsha_Korobkin@qm.sdcs.k12.ca.us