Video Collection Policies

Tue, 19 Dec 1995 11:05:53 PST

In response to Joel Jones' reply, I think video selection policies are
probably quite different for public vs academic libraries. For example,
my budget, less than $20,000, is primarily for curriculum support. Non-
feature film videos, on average, are far more expensive than "movies."
Consequently, the dollars will not go as far. That is not to say that
we purchase no feature films (domestic and foreign), CDs, CD-
ROMs, audios, etc. We do. The bulk of the budget, however, goes for
titles like; "The Color of Fear" our big budget purchase this year;
"Business of Paradigms" or anything Tom Peters, coupled with lots of
Frontlines, NOVAs, and other special discipline items. Naturally,
some faculty would like to have the entire budget spent on their dept.
Some discretion must be part of the policy in order to maintain a well-
rounded collection.
Judy Jones, CSUS, 916/278-7302, E-Mail