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Ralph Huntzinger (
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 15:07:08 -0800 (PST)

I've been sitting on this message from (possibly) a library school
student who subscribes to pubyac (the listserv for children and young
adult library interests). Depending on how I feel, I want to give her a
full answer, a non-reply, just put it off somemore, or delete it.
Maybe you want to choose one of my four options -- or -- add "roast
Huntzinger for passing it on" to the list.

Part of me knows that she and the listserv readers deserve an answer
from those of us who work with the formats; otherwise, the "myths" of J
and YA specialists will color video, CD-ROM, internet access, and other
electronic material issues. However, I keep hoping we have moved toward a
unitified selection philosophy that includes printed materials along with
all the electronic materials we handle, but maybe that's for another
generation of specialists (generalists?). On the other hand, it could be
that education is not keeping up with the field, as I saw at the "Beyond
Video ..." institute in Texas this summer. I think I'll put it off
somemore. Someone will may ease my conscience in the meantime.

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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 23:40:33 -0500
From: Laura E Brown <>
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Subject: video collection policies

Hello Fellow Yaccers!
I would like any information you could give me on policies
concerning video collections. What criteria must videos meet before you
purchase them? How do you handle the different ratings? Do you purchase
r-rated films? Why or why not? Must videos have literary value for you
to purchase them, or can they be for purely entertainment purposes?
I appreciate any information you can send my way!

Laura Brown