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Gary Handman ((no email))
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:16:47 -0800

Hi crew! Forwarding the following which may be of interest...

Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season and a productive new year!

Gary Handman
UC Berkeley
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From: (Karen Fuhrman)
Subject: J-684 "Cry, the Beloved Country"
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To: Gary Handman,

Greetings Gary,

I was exploring the Media Resources Center today at and have a resource you may want to share
with your visitors:

Open Book Systems (OBS) recently introduced for Miramax Films an Internet
projection of the new movie "Cry, the Beloved Country," and we think this
might be of great interest to visitors to your site.

Our presentation includes image and sound files, *many* textual quotations
from the movie, the book by Alan Paton, and other related books, and video
and transcripts of speeches by Nelson Mandela and Hillary Clinton delivered
at the movie's world premiere, as well as many links to relevent Internet

Entertainment Weekly compared many movie web sites in a review last week,
and rated "Cry" the top site, offering this praise:

"...the Cry site has emotional and intellectual heft. It quietly earns the
respect the other sites grab at and miss."
-- Entertainment Weekly, December 8, 1995 "Our Next Attraction"

We invite you to visit, and if you would like to add a pointer to the "Cry"
site from yours, the URL is
Cry, the Beloved Country

Please feel free to share or repost this message.


Karen Fuhrman
Link Editor

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