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Susan Weber (
Thu, 14 Dec 1995 13:20:50 -0800 (PST)

Meridian Education has an item in their catalogue, Iten No. 5186, $95.
called "Manual Transmissions." description says
Presents how modern manual transmissions operate and the variety of
construction available. details the major parts and their functions
through 3D animation and cutaways. Power through through the gear is
also shown for a variety of transmission designs. Understanding the
function and operation will prepare students to study the service of
manual transmissions.

We are looking for new automotive materials, and that's how this blurb
came up. We have asked for previews, but not recvd yet, so I can't
testify as to quality of above. I have seen other Meridian product on
Hydraulics and their 3D animation is excellent. 1990's products, too.
I don't have their complete catalogue, but toll free no. is

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On Thu, 14 Dec 1995, John Crissinger wrote:

> Greetings! Have been asked to find some videos on manual transmissions for
> automobiles. My requestor is not interested in automatic or tractor trailer
> transmissions, just automotive; especially assembly/disassembly. Any
> suggestions would be much appreciated (especially if you have such a critter in
> your collection you would consider interlibrary loaning! :-). Thanks!
> John D. Crissinger
> Central Carolina Tech
> Sumter, SC