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Which is the best to purchase for movie reviews? And does anyone know of
a BIP type thing on CD-ROM for music cd's (like a Schwann's on disc or
something like that?)


Ellen Druda

My personal favorite for current reviews is _Cinemania_. It's
fairly comprehensive and relatively inexpensive, $60.00, and you
get $10 off when you trade in the earlier version for a new
release. It's from Microsoft, and comes in Mac and Windows

For more selective, scholarly reviews I like _Magill's Survey of
Cinema_ and _Motion Picture Guide on CD-ROM_. I don't have the
prices with me (at home), but they are priced for the academic
market, rather than the home market. The reviews are longer but
the sources are very selective--only covering the best/most
significant films.

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries