Re: Average price

Steve Bliss (
Thu, 07 Dec 1995 20:00:35 -0600

>I don't want to sound like the Youngbloods,
>but if everybody could kind of get together and consort(ium), group
>purchasing could really bring the price down on some titles (now, you
>you've just got to get those folks in the next county over to agree with
>your tastes).
>Randy Pitman
>Video Librarian

I'm not so sure group buying is the answer--nobobdy ever said that
librarians could agree on anything any more than anybody else in this world.

The fact, as stated earlier, is that it is truly a market-driven issue.
Distributors aiming for a smaller market than major home video labels will
price their products (Gary H hates it when I call video titles "products")

On the other hand, more and more libraries are unwilling to pay a premium
for something they have little or no use for, like public performance
rights, when they can purchase the exact same title for a significantly
lower price from its home video distributor. Schools enjoy an exemption from
public performance copyright violation (in "face-to-face" teaching
situations) so they will also opt for the home video version of a title when

Keep working on that Jesse Colin Young impression, Randy.

Steve Bliss
Public Media Home Video