Average prices

David Gilbert (dgilbert@WELLESLEY.EDU)
Thu, 07 Dec 1995 13:32:05 -0500 (EST)

Thanks for all of the good discussion on this topic. It is very useful.

In a general academic collection like ours, purchases fall all over the map,
from the very expensive small distributor titles to the common $19.95 home
video releases. In any given year, of course, it's impossible to tell
whether we will buy more of one kind or the other. Since the average figue
we came up with ($69.00) is at least based on our buying patterns it would
seem to me to be relatively trustworthy for budgeting purposes over an
extended period.

A few years ago we conjectured that a basic video collection for our
purposes would range around 2000 titles. This was really a kind of guess,
but based on talking to instituions similar to Wellesley who had already
established film collections. After four years of collection building we
are approaching about 1700 titles. We have a noticed a slight decline in
requests from faculty for teaching purposes as well as a decline in the
request for rentals of titles which we know we should own. (Well, many
faculty still want to rent a 16mm for class showing even though we may own
both a laserdisc and videocasette. But that's understandable.). Now the
trick is to find a budget level that will maintain our collection and allow
us to add necessary new releases.

Thanks for listening and discussing.


David Gilbert - Music Librarian - Wellesley College - dgilbert@wellesley.edu