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Irene Wood (
Wed, 6 Dec 1995 11:22:53 -0800

I tend to agree with Gary Handman. I, like Randy Pitman of Video
Librarian, come across the whole spectrum of pricing, but it does just about
fall into the categories that Gary delineates. Often, of course,
negotiations with some independents and independent distributors can bring
individual titles down in price.
I hope with the averages being quoted, that the prices are just
that--averages. It would be a shame to exclude some really fine titles just
because they seem so pricey; you'd miss a lot. Try negotiating or consortium

When video producers call me about just that question, "the average price of
videos," I tell them that it goes all over the map. But I also tell them
that the less expensive their video the more luck they will have selling it
to libraries. I hope some of them take my words to heart.

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>It is budgeting time for us here. I have had a very hefty video budget the
>last few years because we were basically building a general video collection
>from scratch. It is time to consider what a real year might look like for us
>and one of the figures we would like to use is an average cost per video
>item. Looking at our past year's purchases I find an average cost of $69.00.
>The Bowker Annual gives an average video price of $84.00. Our $69.00 seems a
>little low to me.
>Are other people using an average price per item to guage their purchasing
>budgets? If so, what is that average price?
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