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Mon, 04 Dec 1995 09:09:56 EST

On Dec 1 STAN@PALS.GUILFORD.EDU asked about

> Can anyone give me the title of the Norman McClaren film (or at least a
> Canadian film) from the 1950's --animation -- showing the effects of a
> nuclear holocaust? It had rather gruesome images of people being
> incinerated. Thanks.

"Neighbours" released in 1952 is very likely the title you are
looking for. This pixillation film won the Academy Award.
Depending on the version you remember, it may not be as violent
as the original. The "baby bashing" scene was cut and the world
devastation sequence at the end was shortened in the general
release version.

>From the NFB catalogue: the restored "Neighbours" is available
in compilations on video for both the library and home market:
Tit for Tat, The Genius of Norman McLaren, Hollywood Salutes
Canadian Animation, Images for a Peaceful Planet, 50 for 50: Vol.
1, Tape 3, and in Selected Films of Norman McLaren, and
Documentary Showcase.
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