drug babies

Thu, 30 Nov 1995 15:52:53 -0700 (MST)

We are looking for a source to buy a replacement copy of the video:

"Drug Babies"

Information we have from our damaged copy:

Michael Colin, director ; Yvonne Parsons, producer ; an educational
film by Dolphin Productions, in association with E3 Partnership.
Santa Barbara, Calif. : Parsons Runyon Arts & Entertainment [distributor],
c 1990.

We have checked old phone numbers, a variety of directory assistance
sources, and the standard video directories.

Any leads will be appreciated. Thanx!


deg farrelly, Media Librarian
Arizona State University West E-Mail: deg@asu.edu
4701 West Thunderbird Road Phone: 602.543.8522
Phoenix, Arizona 85069-7100 Fax: 602.543.8521

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From: Kathy Strom--iekls
Fletcher Library -- Bib Services
Subject: drug babies
deg -- I have tried everything I can think of to locate a source for the
video, Drug Babies, which is damaged. (I have the tape, guide & supplement
down in Bib Services.) That is why it was on the cart. The other tapes on the
cart are also damaged, and either out of print, or I have been unable to find
a replacement.

As for Drug Babies, the 800 number for Parsons Runyon Arts & Entertainment on
the video container has been disconnected, and Santa Barbara & 800 directory
asssistance have nothing with that name.

I also checked the SelectPhone CD in Ref, in all 5 regions of the discs, and
did not find any listing there. And, I checked all of the video directories in
Reference, and found no listing, either for the title, producer or

Lastly, I tried to get a listing for Dolphin Productions (the original
producer listed on the tape), but the only company I can find is a producer of
South Sea Island videos.

Are there any other resources I can check, or do you have some sources to try?

Kathy Strom 543-8536
ASU West
Fletcher Library -- Bib Services