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Thu, 30 Nov 1995 10:01:31 -0800

At 06:21 PM 11/29/95 -0800, you wrote:
>I am looking for video, laserdisc, or CD-ROM support for the following topics
>for a course for high school seniors called Topics in Discrete Math:
> Fractels
> Probability
> Combinatorics
> Graph theory/network theory
>Does anyone have any suggestions -- either from your collections or from your
>catalogs? Remember the students are college bound college seniors, so they
>need a fairly sophisticated treatment of some topics (e.g. probability) which
>I find is treated often for much less sophisticated students. For other
>topics, perhaps the treatment needs to be fairly elementary. Any leads of
>producers of titles would be greatly appreciated.
>Marsha Korobkin
>Audiovisual Services Coordinator
>San Diego City Schools


Annenberg has a series on Contemporary Mathmatics which has many titles that
could be of interest. There are some titles in UCSD's collection; Chaos,
Fractels and Dynamics, Transition to Chaos, The Beauty and Complexity of the
Mandelbrot Set, Place Your Bet: Probability. Two good dist. of Math/comp.
material are Univ. Video Communication out of Stanford 408 379-0100 & The
Science Television Company 212 569-8079. Annenberg's number is 800-LEARNER.
Good luck


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