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The order price we saw was $39.00. No wonder it's "no longer
available." :-)

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries

We reviewed "In the Game" last November (it's outstanding!). It's
available from: Smith Productions, P.O. Box 1638, Coos Bay, OR
87420-0336; (800) 332-2039. It was priced at $149 when we saw it.

Randy Pitman

Video Librarian
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On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, MARYG -- OWATONNA wrote:

> A patron is looking for a video about the Stanford Women's Basketball
> Team and their attempt to win a national championship. It's called "In
> the Game" (c1994) and is from Smith Productions, Coos Bay, Oregon. Does
> anyone know of a distributor for this video? Thanks for the help.
> M. Gontarek
> Media Services
> Owatonna Public Library
> Owatonna, MN