RE: Video search

Kristine Brancolini, 812/855-3710 (
Wed, 29 Nov 95 13:20:14 EWT

We ordered this tape last August after seeing a review in The
Video Rating Guide for Libraries. We ordered it from Smith
Productions, 4450 11th Avenue, NE, Seattle, WA 98105. However,
the order was cancelled, not available, in September. The Indiana
University campus in Indianapolis owns the tape and may have found
another distributor. Or they may have acquired it before it
became "unavailable." I would still like to find this title, so
please post any responses to your query to the list. If no one
else knows of a current distributor, I will call the library in
Indianapolis and see where they found it.

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries

A patron is looking for a video about the Stanford Women's Basketball
Team and their attempt to win a national championship. It's called "In
the Game" (c1994) and is from Smith Productions, Coos Bay, Oregon. Does
anyone know of a distributor for this video? Thanks for the help.

M. Gontarek
Media Services
Owatonna Public Library
Owatonna, MN