All Orientals Look Alike (Response)

deg farrelly (
Sat, 25 Nov 1995 16:53:14 -0700 (MST)

Seeing Kay Cooper's name on the CCUMC ballot reminded me that she inquired
on VideoLib some weeks back about our acquisition of "All Orientals..."
and I have not responded.

ASU West is an unusual university. Only 10 years old (an extension of
the Tempe campus), we are only now moving into sustaining budgets.
Our library has been exceptionally well funded, and we have very liberal
acquisition policies. In general, we are able to purchase nearly anything
a faculty member requests, and very rarely turn down requests. (We
acquire nearly 1000 titles a year.)

Our faculty is very non-traditional as well. And our curriculum
addresses diversity aggressively. I describe the faculty and
currciulum as nontraditional deconstructionist. A title like "All
Orientals..." fits right in with the other materials we are buying to
support the curriculum. This title will be used to introduce the
concept of racial stereotyping.

While $100 may be a high price for such a short title, compared to
what its rental would cost - when used regularly, it is affordable.
And because we are so well funded (for the time being anyway), acquiring
this title is not denying others materials they might desire.

Hope this answers any lingering questions about "All Orientals Look


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