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> One of our faculty has asked me to find out about a program called
> "BILL". It is the story of a mentally challenged man who leaves an
> institution and becomes integrated into the community.
> One of my colleagues in B.C. has suggested that it may have been a
> made-for-TV movie, starring Mickey Rooney.
> Does anyone out there have anything to add to this info, like
> producer, distributor, availability? Baker and Taylor do not list
> it and I suspect it is really old.
> Rose Delap

The title in question BILL was indeed a made-for-tv item starring Mickey
Rooney and made in 1981 by the Alan Landsburg Company. There is also a
sequel called BILL: ON HIS OWN made in 1983. There are descriptions in
WatMedia. They are listed as being distributed by Live Home Video in the
USA, I don't have a Canadian distributor listed.

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