Re: Looking for PBS video on Royal Lippizaner...

M.A. Dew (
22 Nov 1995 16:10:55 -0600

For some reason, I thought that was a National Geographic special...
Try checking with The Society's catalog.

(I have been know to be wrong...)
-Margaret Dew

Southern Methodist University
Center for Media and Instructional Technology
Dallas, Texas

In <951122114651.b5a7@CRPL.CEDAR-RAPIDS.LIB.IA.US>,
GERRY@CRPL.CEDAR-RAPIDS.LIB.IA.US wrote: >As I started to say, I have a patron who's looking for a video of a program
>about the Royal Lippizaner Stallions. He believes he saw this on PBS. However,
>I can't find it in the catalogs, nor through an online search. Funny thing is,
>I recall just recently seeing this video advertised in some catalog, but for thelife of me, I can't locate it. Can anyone help me find this video?
>Gerry Hopkins