Re: 16mm Films

Ralph Huntzinger (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 11:36:15 -0800 (PST)

We have been shutting down the Film Library at KCLS for several years
and are finally pulling the plug and using the space for other things
starting the first of the year. The thought process we went through was
basically trying to be sure that materials purchased with public funds
was/were still available to the public, some of the public if not all of the
Being the last circulating public library film collection in the
area (we've been housing the other collections as they gasped off) made
it obvious that there was not a public library who would take the
collection. Half of our use was by school districts but when we explored
the local ones (about 6 districts), we found that they would only
lend to their teachers and not to other districts; the Educational
Service (Supra)District that provides services to all of the county had
gone totally to video and ceased their film collection. The local
university collections would only be available to their clients.
BINGO --- our land grant university, Washington State University, felt
that providing "outreach" services was part of their mission under the
same thinking the provides county argiculture agents and master gardeners.
We negotiated a reduction in the service fee charged to users (for the
first year) and have been shipping the collection to them as we slowly
chop the extremities off the dying body. Win-win all the way around
especially in keeping public resources available to the public and
providing access to an important resource. Their phone # is 1-800-999-1765
Now the largest collection of Academy Award nominees in Short Subjects
and Documentary Shorts is still available (ah, to see again those great
1931/32 winners: "Music Box" and "Three Little Pigs"). A great animation
study collection is still available (the Hubleys did influence styles of
visual shorthand). The Pacific Nortwest Filmmakers collection (what a
bunch of gems and dogs) is ...
Hope our thought process helps.

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