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Henry K Mattoon (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 12:46:07 -0800 (PST)


Depending on the kind of materials you have, their condition, and your
charges (if any), I'd suggest posting this request to the Association of
Moving Image Archivists listserv ( If you want to
subscribe first (a good idea since, as often happens, many will reply to the
list despite your request for a reply to you directly), then
send the following message to:

and in body:

Subscribe AMIA-L Firstname Lastname

I should warn you, however, most of these moving image archives don't
have much money to spend on acquisitions, esp. used 16 mm. prints. Often
about the best you can get is a reply that they'll pick up postage
costs. However, on the other hand, you might be able to find a good home
for your films, some place where they'd be appreciated, used, and let's
hope, well taken care of.

If you'd like to contact me directly (off list), giving more information
about the nature of the films, general condition, number of
titles/reels, any donor or institutional restrictions (ie, apart from
the usual commercial copyright, etc.) perhaps a rough estimate of cubic
footage of the whole lot, whether you are willing to split up the films
or want to dispose of as a lot, and a maybe general idea of the money you'd
like to get, I'd be more than happy to recommend moving image archives
that might be interested and can give you contact names, numbers, and

Then there are private collectors who _might_ be willing to cough up some
bucks, but that'll depend on the kind of films you have, their general
condition, and obviously, your asking price. If that's the way you want
to proceed, there are a number of appropriate USENET groups where you could
post an announcement. Otherwise, there are a few print publications I
could recommend for placing an ad.

Obviously, the private collector route will take more of your time (and
some expense) to deal with, also you probably won't be able to unload
everything at one crack, but it's probably a more sure way of bringing in
some money.

If I can be of any further help, please email or call me directly. Just so
you know, I will be away on vacation Nov. 20-28.



Henry Mattoon
National Moving Image Database
The American Film Institute
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> I know there was a thread on this topic a few weeks ago but I am soliciting
> some more thoughts.
> I have been charged with disposing of our library's large collection of 16mm
> films and am pretty much lost at what I should do.
> -Are there any libraries out there who have done this lately who could give me
> some advice?
> -Are there any Film collecting or Archive organizations that purchase
> 16mm films?
> -Is there a film listserve that I might look into that would help?
> any advice on this topic would be of great help
> Joel Jones
> Kansas City Public Library