RE: Million Man March

M.A. Dew (
16 Nov 1995 09:22:26 -0600

We also have (our own) off-air video of CNN's coverage of the MMM.
I seem to recall that CNN is fairly liberal and generous regarding
university video library's off-air tapes. However, we just purchased
a more "packaged" CNN production of the 1992-93 Israeli-Palestinian
Peace process and Signing of the Statement of Principles for $19.95
from B&T, so we'll just trash our off-air recording of same. Who
knows if CNN will produced a similar tape on the MMM (with some
historical background included)?

-Margaret Dew
Southern Methodist University
Center for Media and Instructional Technology
Dallas, Texas 75275

wrote: >Does CNN's coverage of the Million Man March count as "hard news"?
>I have a faculty member who has asked me to make a copy of someone elses
>off-air copy of the MMM.
>My inclination is to deny this request, but does it make any difference
>that the MMM was a public "hard news" event?
>Or was it?