Re: Search for program Big Blue Marble
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 08:34:07 CST

I don't have any leads on the program Big Blue Marble... what was the
subject of the film? Now for your daughter's research paper, there is a
plethora(?) - i.e., a lot - of information out there. She needs to check at her
school library and/or public library. Failing those to sources, a nearby
college or university library is quite likely to have access to the ERIC
database (Educational Resource Information Clearinghouse). Even Readers Guide
will have some information. Try using subject headings like "media" linked
with "classroom" or phrases like "media in the classroom". The librarian will
be able to guide the search process better one-on-one.

Good luck on both searches.

Martha Bace
Assistant Librarian e-mail:
Head, Technical Services phone : 501-235-4177
Magale Library
Southern Arkansas University
Magnolia, AR 71753