CD-Rom database

deg farrelly (
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 18:25:06 -0700 (MST)

> Is it wise to go ahead and invest in the CD-ROM and new computer for
>now? The reason I ask this is that I can imagine that the information will
>be available to everyone within a year or two over the internet?
> What do your crystal balls foretell?

The PrecisionOne Media Source CD-Rom is a product of the Consortium of
College and University Media Centers (CCUMC). It is as close as we
get to a national union database of film and video *rental* libraries.
But it also includes entries for many titles from a variety of film and
video producers/distributors.

Given the expense of gathering and preparing the data and producing the
CD-Roms, I doubt that the content of this product will be made available
over the Internet.

Likewise, Variety's Video Directory Plus is a commercially produced
product that cost the publisher a considerable sum to generate. It is
unlikely that this product will be made available over the Internet.

Many of the large distributors are developing a net presence (for
example, PBS), and several of the larger university rental sources
have telnet or web browser access to their catalogs (for example, Penn
State University).

But prodcuers/distributors and small rental libraries are not available
on the net.

The CD-Rom(s) will answer many of your tough questions about loacting a
source for specific titles. And the equipment (as others have pointed
out) will fill other needs for other resources.

So my $.02 is to proceed with the acquisition.


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