Re:Dewey Numbers
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 21:06:22 -0500

Where I work now, we arrange our videos by Dewey. As a librarian, this
arrangement appeals to my sense of order and what's right in the universe.
And as a department manager, looking to conserve limited space, I see it as
my only option. But I have to say that the patrons don't really don't seem
to care for it. They are after all used to video stores and the way they do
business. In my previous job, we had a large amount of space and we arranged
them by subject area. People understood the Travel section or the How-to
section and were comfortable with that. We rarely had complaints.

Now I speak only from the point of view of a public librarian but I say if
you have the space put them in subject areas. They may be harder for your
staff to find them but it will be easier for your patrons to browse and I
think your circ will go up.

Charles Ebert
Head, Audio-Visual Services
Muskingum County Library System
Zanesville, OH