Re: Dewey class videos

McManus (
Sat, 11 Nov 1995 17:59:17 -0500 (EST)

The reasons your library would want to classify the video collection by
dewey are the same as the reasons you classify your book collection. We
have always classified our non-fiction video collection (small as it may
be). If a patron doesn't find Jane Fonda's workout on the shelf he/she
may be just as happy to have Richard Simmon's or Buns of Steel; the same
is true of any subject area.
Format differences are not a justification to fail as a library to
organise your collections properly and provide accessto those collections
to other professionals and patrons.
Classification also helps in collection development. It becomes pretty
obvious if you have blanks in areas that you know are of patron interest.
But if you simply shelve alphabetically by title (and don't have some
other tool linked to subject area) these deficiencies will only showw
through patron complaints. As your collection grows and individual videos
are devoted to narrower topics you will be more than happy that you spent
what little time it takes to assign numbers to your collection. (And so
will your reference and childrens librarians, not to mention your patrons
who will feel like they're in a library, not a supermarket) You, or
someone in the future, will eventually do it. Why wait for the backlog to
grow? Good luck, hope this helps.
Sue McManus, AV & Tech. Svcs.
The Smithtown Library
Smithtown NY 11787