Wes Miller (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 08:04:10 -0800

Stan Gilliam wrote:

>I recently received information from MPLC about their blanket licensing
>service. I support the copyright laws and fair use guidelines, and I
>think the MPLC serves a legitimate function.
> However, their are gaping holes in their "blanket"!

> Many of the major feature film distributors are not covered by
>MPLC, such as Embassy, Columbia, Fox, Paramount, Home Vision, MGM,
>and so on.

Another source for a "blanket license" is Films, Inc. They do represent a
large number of major film producers. License fees are based on
institutional size. We have a public performance license from them that
covers showings within the Media Center/Library.

Hope this helps.

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