Re:Golf Videos
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 20:58:05 -0500

<<I've ordered Harvey Penick's golf videos in the past: "Little Red Video"
and "Little Green Video" after which I was bombarded with junk golf mail from
Mastergrip and dozens of other golf merchandisers who bought my name form
Mastergrip. I spent months calling around the U.S. to have my name removed
from their lists and vowed never to order from Mastergrip again. If you'd
like to put up with the aggravation, their direct order line for the videos
is 1-800-998-9900. The price of $23.45 includes their their shipping and

Wishing you continuted success...
Dean W. Stevens, CEO>>

Thank you for the information. I'll think about maybe just giving the patron
the number and suggesting he call them. And thank you too Ellen.