RE: Home Use vs Public Performance

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Subj: Home Use vs Public Performance

We do NOT purchase "home use only" videos for our academic collection
knowingly. We try to always purchse public performance rights. Home
use means just that to us and we have conservatively interpreted
copyright and fair use laws to exclude home use videos for instruction.
anyone else out there the law this way? Judy Jones, CSUS, 916/278-7302

Judy: I don't know where you are located, but unless you are in
Canada, you are taking an unnecessarily narrow view of video
colleciton building. The Copyright Law specifically includes the
face-to-face teaching exemption to allow the use of home video in
educational institutions. Public library videotapes are usually
viewed at home, so home video is no problem for them anyway.
The law does not restrict the educational use of video to titles
with public performance rights; in fact, as noted above it
specifically *allows* the use of home video for this purpose.

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries