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Wed, 08 Nov 1995 17:34:45 -0500 (EST)

What a topic this is! I tracked down Direct Cinema for "A Good
Woman of Bangkok" and was informed, reluctantly, that yes, they have
the title in "home" video, and no, they could not sell it to an
educational institution! So what if say, an individual was to pull-out
his/her plastic and do the home video thing from Direct Cinema AND THEN
donate the video to their local library, hm? [A dear friend who reads
this list suggested the above strategy.] Now what would they do about
that? I just double-checked this and was informed that their
licensing does not permit them to sell to the educational market.
they consider faculty use of video, face to face with students in the
classroom as still requiring public performance rights. You may

Direct Cinema referred me to Roxie Releasing in San Francisco (415-
431-3611) They will sell it to us for $l95 (you may get a better deal)
Speak to Bill Banning. Their mailing address is: 3125 16th Street,
San Franciso, CA 94103.

Direct Cinema has other Dennis O'Rourke titles available for sale to us,
and I recommend them all. Call them at 800-FILMS4U, maybe.

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