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Irene Wood (
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 07:04:30 -0800

>Does anyone have or know of any literature on how to evaluate videos for
>quality, etc. I would also like to have some examples of collection
>development statements that include replacement and weeding issues. Is
>there any standard on the amount of times a tape is viewed before you start
> looking for wear?
>I would appreciate any tips available!
>Cindi Nicotera
>GT Harrell Library
>MS Hershey Medical Center
>Hershey, PA 17033
Cindi Nicotera:

Three good books address video collection development and selection issues:
Handman, Gary. Video Collection Development in Multi-Type Libraries.
Greenwood Publishing. 1994. $75

Scholtz, James. Video Acquisitions and Cataloging. Greenwood Publishing
1995. $55.

Pitman, Randy. Video Librarian's Guide to Collection Development and
Management. G.K. Hall. 1992. $35.

Also, as Audiovisual Editor of the review publication Booklist, I
have developed criteria and guidelines for evaluation of video. Let me know
if you want further information.
Irene Wood, Editor
Audiovisual Media Reviews
American Library Assoc.
50 East Huron
Chicago, IL 60611

Good luck,
Irene Wood