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M.A. Dew (
07 Nov 1995 16:23:38 -0600

Don't know anything about a BBC production, but our head of Russian
Languages and Literatures swears by the Sergei Bondarchuk production
of W & P that is 6.5 hrs. long on 3 videocassettes. A newly English
subtitled version has just been released and both Facets and PBS are
distributing it. (Facets for $99.95 and PBS for 79.995 - go figure)

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In <>, Rhonda Rosen wrote:
> hello, again---
> well, this seems to be my day for questions....
> Does anyone know of a BBC version of Tolstoy's "War and Peace"-
> seems to be an 8 volume production, ca 1972, but re-released in
> 1994....?????
> any information will be greatly appreciated!
> rhonda rosen
> loyola marymount university