Re: catalogs on computer disks

M.A. Dew (
03 Nov 1995 14:01:15 -0600

We've been using a couple of CD-Roms you might be interested
in (assuming you've got the hardware to run them).

Do you have the MediaSource CD-Rom from the Consortium of College and
University Media Centers? (Brodart Automation, Williamsport, PA

Also- "Variety's Video Directory" on CD-Rom, from Bowker,(in RI @

-Margaret Dew
Southern Methodist University
Center for Media and Instructional Techology
Dallas, Texas 75275

Beth E. Traylor wrote:
>Hello All,
>We are looking to set up one of our office computers with
>University and Company Vendor Film and Video Catalogs.
>We already have one catalog on 3.5" disk from Michigan.
>Are there any other computer disk catalogs available from
>Universities or Vendors that rent film and videos ?
>Thank you in advance for your help.
>Beth Traylor
>Library Media Services
>Golda Meir Library