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Fri, 3 Nov 1995 11:46:34 -0500

"Fast Food Women"
Directed by Anne Lewis Johnson
Color, 28 minutes

"I'm real tired. My feet hurt and I feel like I've got about five pounds of
grease on me... If you stand over that grill all day, it feels like its going
to drip off of you."
Sereda Collier, cook at Druther's

Fast Food Women takes an inside look at the lives of the women who fry
chicken, make pizzas, and flip burgers at four different fast food
restaurants in eastern Kentucky. These women, mostly middle aged with
children to raise, are often the sole income source for their families. They
work for wages barely above the minimum wage, have trouble getting full time
hours because of their employers' scheduling policies, and are without health
care and other benefits. One former Pizza Hut employee notes that it is hard
for fast food workers to organize because there are literally hundreds of
applicants for their jobs, saying "as long as people will work for that kind
of money, they're going to let 'em." Analysis by Barbara Garson (author of
The Electronic Sweatshop) of the
way fast food jobs systematically dehumanize and devalue the worker is
intercut with comments from human resources managers for the Druthers/Dairy
Queen chain who discuss what they look for in an employee. Scenes of women at
work at McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Druthers, and Kentucky Fried Chicken round out
this incisive, sometimes troubling look at life on the other side of the
counter. A useful introduction to economic conditions in contemporary
America, Fast Food Women is recommended for discussion of the changing roles
of women and the changing face of the American workplace.

***** "An excellent work and a worthy addition to every library." - Video
Rating Guide

"A cautionary tale in downward mobility." - New York Times

"This insightful production will provoke discussion and debate on both the
fast food industry in gerneral and the role of women in today's economic
climate." - School Library Journal

"A provocative and eye opening work.. It drew my students into an intense
and lengthy discussion about issues of equity and employment." - Andrew W.
McThenia, Jr., Professor of Law, Washington and Lee University

"Fast Food Women explores class and gender issues and reveals the
dehumanization of women who work in dreadful conditions for minimum wages." -
Barbara Kirshenblatt Gimblett, Chair, Performance Studies, New York

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American Film & Video Festival Honorable Mention/Women's Issues
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Athens Film & Video Festival Short Traditional Documentary (Finalist)
Baltimore Film Forum Honorable Mention
Black Maria Film Festival Director's Citation
Brazen Images--Screening
Chicago International Film Festival Certificate of Merit
International Conference on Oral History -- Screening
International Labor Film & Video Festival -- Screening
International Women's Day Video Festival Screening
Kentucky Foundation for Women Celebration - Screening at Eagle Gallery,
Murray State University
LaborTech International Labor Film & Video Festival -- Screening
Labor X-Change/Art in General Gallery -- Screening
Learning Channel "The Independents: Through Her Eyes"
National Educational Film & Video Bronze Apple/Gender Issues
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New England Women's Studies Asssociation Screening
One World Film Festival/Canada Screening
PBS National Broadcast on P.O.V.
Pacifica Radio/WBAI Broadcast
Sinking Creek Film Festival Cash Award
Southeastern Women's Studies Conference Screening
USA Film Festival Special Jury Award
United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, Non-Governmental
Organization Forum Film Festival, Huaivou, China '95
W.O.W. CAFE Women's Film & Video Screening

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