Re: catalogs on computer disks

California Newsreel (
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 10:47:45 -0800

Beth Traylor of the Golda Meir Library wrote:
>We are looking to set up one of our office computers with
>University and Company Vendor Film and Video Catalogs.
>Are there any other computer disk catalogs available from
>Universities or Vendors that rent film and videos?

We can send you catalogs of our recent African American Perspectives,
Library of African Cinema and most of our other collections on disk --
either ASCII, Wordperfect 5.1, Wordperfect for Windows 5.2, or Word.
We can also send the catalogs by E-mail, using either ASCII or as an
attached file (wordperfect for windows). Just let me know if / how
you'd like to proceed.

Best wishes,

Steve Guy



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