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If the researcher is only interested in American dance halls, a film
directed by Louis Malle entitled (I think) Le Bal, won't help. But if a
French dance hall were of interest this film might be as well. It's sort of
a social history of France as portrayed by the habitues of a dance hall.
Covers decades between the wars, through WWII, and up to '68. Anyway, it's
interesting and has no dialogue, all pantomime and music.

At 11:23 AM 10/26/95 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi! I have a researcher who is look for film/video material having to do
>with dancehalls in the 20's and 30's--particularly big public dancehalls
>frequented by common folk (not Nick and Nora Charles Art Deco nightclub stuff).
>We've come up with "the Flapper Story" and a number of 20's and 30's race
>movies which feature such places... It'd be best if we could find documentary
>footage rather than Hollywood recreations.
>Any scintillating ideas?
>Gary Handman
>UC Berkeley
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