Seating and comfort levels

Suzanne Risley (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 09:53:07 -0400

Happy Friday---I am in need of some advice on the appropriate type of
seating for video viewing. I discovered two damaged chairs (of the
ergonomically correct utility chair genre--padded, armless, admittedly not
what one might consider really "comfy") in our video viewing carrels
yesterday, and the damage analysis indicates that students, in the interests
of their viewing comfort, disassembled the backs and actually bent them
past the point where they should have been bent to achieve the affects (as
closely as possible, at least) of a lounging position. (How our student
assistants managed to miss all this activity is another issue entirely ...)
In any case, these are new pieces of furniture, and it's not even midterm!

Perhaps we erred in the purchase decision we made? What we wanted to do was
provide fairly comfortable, but ergonomically responsible seating that would
be dual purpose for both computer activities and video viewing. Some of our
workstations are already multi-purpose in this respect, and are we not going
to be moving more and more in this direction in the future?

I would be very happy to hear from others who might have made better
decisions than we obviously did! We're looking a major facilities
enhancements as the result of a library expansion project within the next
year or two, so I really feel the need to be on top of this. Many thanks in

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