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deg farrelly (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 23:31:09 -0700 (MST)

I forwarded the question about "Kula" to my e-mail friend Jon Peak,
the AV Cataloguer (or "Cattledogger" as he calls himself) at the Kelvin
Grove campus of QUT in Queensland, Australia and asked him to check
on it.

He e-mailed back a catalog record, with a summary, and indicated that
the contact information for Sky Visuals was accurate, but that the
company does not have e-mail (apparently). He also noted that the
film was co-produced with National Geographic.

Here is a summary of what Jon sent me:

Kula: ring of power
Produced by Gary Steer
Directed by Michael Balson
Written by Robert Scott-Mitchell and Dick Dennison.
54 Minutes, Color, 1991.

This film is an account of the rapid changes
facing the people of the Kula Ring. Some 3000 years ago,
people living in a group of remote Pacific islands
east of Papua New Guinea, began making epic sea
voyages to exchange shell jewelry with partners across
the sea. The practise of giving and receiving this
jewelry became known as Kula. Will the ancient magic
and ritual of Kula survive the onslaught of a cash

Co-production with National Geographic Society.

How does this compare to what Daniel Bickley lists? (1991 date
can be misleading since it *could* reflect the date of the *video*
release, not the film production.).

Hope this helps.


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