Daniel Donnelly (
Wed, 25 Oct 95 11:35:26 -0500

Kris & all:

Are there any copyright issues to be concerned about when supplying ILL
requests from your collection? Typically an ILL request won't provide
information about how an item might be used. How do librarians assure that
materials are *not* used for public display when there may be no public
performance rights attached to an item? Does one include copyright warning
language that advises users about limitations on use and that takes care of
it? Do libraries supply ILL requests *only* with materials that do have
public performance licenses?

I don't supply ILL requests and don't plan to but the question does arise
for ILL folks here and together we revisit the issue about once a year. My
reason for not supplying ILL is mainly that selectors have acquired
materials to support on campus curricula and I want to be sure the
collection is as readily accessible as possible. If I were to be persuaded
that ILL will enhance service to the library's user community what copyright
issues would an ILL policy have to address?


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