CD-ROM Multimedia

Gary Handman ((no email))
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 09:10:26 -0700

I tend to agree with Philip re the questionability of developing a separate
collection policy for multimedia. I do, however, think that these media
require some kind of policy/procedure structure as far as access issues
go--they definitely raise some prickly issues re circulation, technical
support, etc. The real issues for us have been the old problem of
widely varying hardware requirements, inconsistent search mechanisms
(ain't no Z39.50 in this territory), and the need for increased staff
support to provide effective access. These are issues which are only
marginally related to the issue of selection and evaluation (I think).

I do think that getting into multimedia will require reassessment of
collection budgets--they represent an add-on expense (they don't don't
don't and won't won't won't replace analog resources, by and large).

Gary Handman
UC Berkeley