Church videos

Tue, 24 Oct 1995 10:46:13 -0400 (EDT)

To Nancy Miller:
I can sympathize with your position here - people just don't under-
stand that creators of music and motion pictures are entitled to compensation!
Anyway, some suggestions for you:
1) Have the church consider getting a license from MPLC, 310-822-8855 (they
may have an 800 number, but I can't find it right now) - then they can show
Disney and other studios' tapes (they give you a list that limits the choice
somewhat) all they want.
2) Can you at the public library help? Do you have public performance tapes
from Coronet (Disney shorts) or Weston Woods, etc.? Can these be booked in
advance (like films used to be)?
3) We picked up a set of 12 features from Off Hollywood, 800-860-0542, that
are "family" films, called "'Specially for Kids." They all run about 70-90
minutes, and I've heard good reports from patrons. They're from all over
the world, and supposedly some have won prizes at major film festivals. As
I recall, they weren't too expensive, either, and they're public performance!
Maybe the church could purchase a set, then donate them to the library....

Keep up the pressure - you're doing the right thing!

Rebecca Locke-Gagnon
Toledo-Lucas Co. Public Library